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Products Guide
products guide
皇家调酒素材 Flavored Based Mixer

We developed"Royal"flavored mixer for adding to high alcohol content spirits, for example spirits with little smell comparatively like Vodka, Gin and Tequila, to enhance overall fruity flavor. In other words, the same spirits can be used each time and you can get different flavor depending on your mood, by using this mixer. This particular product is a non-carbonated drink. You can make a fruity and fresh drink by adding a little of mixer in it. It is also suitable for people who don't want to lower alcohol content too much, that is
people who like to drink it straight or on the rocks.
The Base of Royal Lemon Sour

The Base of Royal Lemon Sour
500ml btl
(12瓶/箱)(Per Unit) 500ml*12btl
POS(JAN) 4972842377212


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